A pair of socks to warm your heart up at Christmas

Wake up, it’s Christmas and it’s family time! 

Outside, the weather is so crisp that even the trees, covered in snow, get the chills. Everything is ready and the house is warm and cozy. The kitchen is full of food and the table has been already laid for breakfast.

Giovanni, a friendly and smiley thirty-year-old, is the father of Filippo, a naughty little monkey of five years, smart and hyper, but as good as gold.  

Today is a celebration day, hence, Giovanni is at home with his family like anyone else. Usually he works a lot, despite being the year of Covid19. Actually, he had to work even harder just because of that, in fact, Giovanni is a doctor.

For Christmas, Filippo decided to amaze and thank daddy, who has been busy as a bee, working to save his patients. Even if recently they have seen each other once in a blue moon, Filippo is really proud of his dad.

He asked mom for help, first to write down the word “dad” (he still can't write, but he wanted to swing for the fences). Second, to choose a proper gift, since the presents that he likes the most, like Captain America, are different from the goods that Giovanni usually picks.

His mother, however, explained that the idea has to come out of him, from the bottom of his heart. Only in this way dad will really enjoy the gift. Hence, Filippo racked his brain for months. Suddenly the idea came out of the blue: socks were the answer in a nutshell, a winner!

At work, his father has to stand up all day long, so he needs to keep his feet warm and comfortable, but he is also a young and trendy dad and the socks must be posh. Immediately, he pondered over how to do it. They couldn't have been any socks. No matter what, they had to be “The Socks”, the perfect socks for dad’s style.

At this point of the story mom had an idea that was the icing on the cake: tailored socks, which can be purchased online, with a click, from the comfort of home. Anyway, the choice of the models was definitely up to Filippo, his mother only lended a helping hand on the technical issues. How much fun he had choosing the perfect socks!

Seeking his mother’s assistance on how to browse a website (he learned this word from mummy), he discovered an extensive selection of socks. More than 50 of them could be classified into short socks and long socks, each offering a wide range of colors and designs. In the end, he picked a pair of short socks and long socks each, because he knew that Giovanni wears both; he is a fashionista (or at least that’s what the grown-ups called him) and he is detailed oriented in his choices. Filippo aspires to be exactly like Giovanni when he is an adult. Daddy is his hero!

Today is the day, he will finally give Giovanni his gift: a pair of long cobalt socks with pink stripes, because it is untrue that pink is only for girls. His parents have taught him to exercise free and independent thinking and shun stereotypes. The short socks are the Greek Crew socks, brown with yellow diamonds.

Finally, dad opened the gift and when he saw the socks, a smile lit up his face and it warmed up the space between him and his son with just a glance. Nothing else mattered, just a father, his son and the socks, the first gift meant to last forever in the family memories!