How to speak your truth with our customized socks

When was the last time you got a pair of socks that didn’t match your personality? What if you wore those all-wrong socks during a business meeting with your boss, maybe under your new trendy Capri pants – the pants, stylishly short, but the socks, oh so visible.

Let me guess what happened next: those socks made you feel totally uncomfortable, uneasy and embarrassed through the entire meeting. Maybe that morning you left home feeling good, with your head full of a winner strategy, but those embarrassing socks stole your thunder and left you tongue tied.

dstinctive will never leave you feeling not your best self, simply because we are uniquely tailored to your needs and taste. We want to be your best accessory, the icing on your cake and it’s gonna be a lot of fun, since our company is founded on enthusiasm, passion and commitment. And the socks show it.

dstinctive creates unique, sustainable and high quality hosiery that is 100% made in Italy - it’s not just that we label the final product in Italy, we really produce the entire socks in Brescia. We mentioned we are unique - so unique, in fact, that we always stand our ground when it comes with our values.

How we can sum up our philosophy in 3 key values:

  1. dstinctive socks are custom & personalized: We don’t tell one story, suitable for anybody. We want our socks to tell your story. dstinctive allows to create your own style. Get inspired by our collections.
  2. dstinctive is eco-friendly: We developed a proprietary technology that allows us to produce on demand, according to the customer’s preferences or personalization. This real-time production model minimizes waste and environmental impact. There is no need to stock products or to clear inventory.
  3. dstinctive is high quality: Our socks are mainly made by gassed, combed and mercerized cotton. These fabrics have been awarded the Standard 100 Certification by Oeko-Tex, which guarantees that our socks contain no toxic substances. Our suppliers, “KM 0” local artisans, use fabrics which have the same certification.

We believe in the power of the technology to address sustainable challenges, don’t you? Our slogans are thinking big, thinking disruptive and carrying out with full passion.

Only when people are able to speak their truth, then they do become free and dstinctive gives you this chance. So, speak your truth: as you sit there in front of your laptop or smartphone, reading this article on our tailored socks, you're beginning to realize that they have to be part of your life.

Still not convinced? Oh well, we can’t force you to be right!