How to use socks properly - dstinctive casual socks guide

The white socks trend has been recently replaced by colorful socks, especially if you think about men's fashion. But if white socks fit well with almost everything, for colorful ones the question is: what are the best socks to wear and how to wear socks for more or less casual occasions. For example, you can wear colorful socks with suit, but you need to pay attention and always choose matching colors. What are the types of socks you can wear and be funky, then? Let’s find out!

How to wear casual long socks, crew socks and short socks looking good and fashionable

The most important thing to learn and impress upon the memory is to associate each sock length with its matchable casual colorful socks, most suitable for a certain use/occasion. 

First of all, we have long socks, both a must have in women's and men's casual socks fashion wardrobe. Colorful long socks end just under your knee, covering all your legs and for this the best choice to keep your feet warm during the cold season. Long socks for men fit well with suits or elegant outfits, while for women they can be matched with a dress or skirt, jeans or shorts for formal and informal occasions.

casual colorful long socks outfit | dstinctive

Second, colorful crew socks are the best-selling socks speaking about length. Shorter than long socks, they cover the lowest part of your leg. They are considered very versatile, in fact they look good with every type of outfit, from smart casual to sporty one.

casual colorful crew socks outfit | dstinctive

Lastly, colorful short socks or ankle socks are perfect for the summer season, given their little length. Cotton ankle socks keep your feet protected while making them breathe easily. Great for working out or jogging, these socks can be matched also with casual sneakers.

casual colorful ankle socks outfit | dstinctive

Casual socks vs Dress socks

What are the different types of socks in style right now? As mentioned before, it is no surprise that in the last years colorful socks have become more and more popular. And what’s more, we see more often women and men wearing them instead of the classic dressed socks. The main difference is that the last ones are the safe choice if you want to appear flawless and chic on important occasions. But since colorful socks too are appreciated for more smart casual outfits, here come casual dress socks, casual crew socks and business casual no socks. Dstinctive offers you the best casual dress socks perfect for your evening with friends or for your business meeting. We have the best mens casual dress socks and womens too. Visit our collection and add a little funk to your day!

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What socks to wear with casual shoes

Another common question concerning socks is about the best socks with casual shoes. And if you also have this doubt, we are here to help! The answer is simple: wear dstinctive’s colorful socks for casual shoes like sneakers. Even though many people opt for casual shoes no socks and even wear casual shoes without socks, we strongly recommend wearing casual colorful ankle socks, crew or long socks, to always feel comfy and show your personality!

socks with casual shoes outfit | dstinctive 

To conclude, colorful socks are a must have for your smart casual looks. Do you have additional tips on how to wear casual socks? Tell us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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